Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just a mom

I have friends that have important jobs. They have jobs that require lots of schooling, lots of work and dedication. They have accomplished so much since high school.

One friend is a movie director, another is a fancy baker who is going to be on a Food Network show, another is married to an actor who was recently on Criminal Minds. I have several gorgeous friends who are models (I secretly hate them). I have another friend who has had her own Christian singing career since I can remember. A couple friends are awesome photographers. Another friend is a musician and has been playing all over the world. One friend from high school is a pastor. I mean seriously, I can't compete.

I am just a mom. I clean bottoms, do laundry, make breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family, and keep a tidy house (most of the time at least). I play with my child, laugh with my child and ensure his safety all day every day. I get up with him every night at least once. I teach him, talk to him and read to him. I fix his boo boos and snuggle when he needs it. I breastfeed him when he wants to, and make sure that he eats his vegetables. I make him hold my hand when he crosses the street. I am just a mom.

I am just a wife. I iron and clean shirts, I make dinner for my husband and make sure that there are bananas and orange juice for breakfast. Since he is allergic to eggs, I make pancakes without eggs for him on Saturdays. I wake up in the middle of the night with Dylan and quiet him so that my husband can have a good night sleep. I rub feet, shoulders and his back. I make dinners that he likes, (and some that he doesn't). I make sure to save him at least one Double Stuf Oreo from the bag and make sure that there is always a bottle of his favorite wine in the house. There are always ingredients for eggless chocolate chip cookies in the cupboard. I am just a wife.

I am just a mom. But no one can love my family the way that I do. And although I am not a famous singer, or traveling the world, or starring in a TV show, I think that I have the most important job in the world. My family needs me to do the mundane things like laundry and cooking. Because lets be honest, if I weren't here, my boys would be eating Indian Food and Top Ramen, and wearing dirty socks. As a mom and wife, I am saving the world one casserole and clean sock at a time.

My boys:

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  1. You are a rock star my friend!! No job is more demanding or wonderful than the job of being a mom!! :)