Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everything I need to know, I learned from my mom

In honor of my mom's birthday (which was yesterday) here is a list of the things she has taught me:

1. It's okay to eat ice cream for dinner. Just don't eat an entire bag of cookies as well.

2. Thanksgiving Dinner doesn't have to be fancy. Sometimes Del Taco and a trip to Disneyland will suffice.

3. Don't lock your daughter's wedding dress in your car the morning of her wedding. But if you do, make sure the AAA guy knows the situation and gets there in 10 minutes flat.

4. It is not possible for an entire loaf of bread to fall between the little crack between the stove and the counter. But, if you make that mistake, it will make for a good story and your kids will laugh at you for years to come.

5. Being a stay at home mom can be fun. Especially if you can watch re runs of Charlie's Angels while you fold laundry with your daughter.

6. Just because you were born to a couple from Whittier, CA with no royalty in their blood, doesn't mean you aren't a princess. All you need is a tiara and a wand.

7. Determination is everything. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. Including getting your doctorate in Psychology after 20 years. 

8. Earplugs are important. Especially when your mother is writing her dissertation in the middle of the night and her acrylic nails are clicking incessantly on the key board.

9. No matter what is going on in your life, Thursday nights at 10 o'clock is ER time.

10. There is nothing wrong with doing a Del run at 2 am. As long as there is someone to go with you.

11. If your mom doesn't like your boyfriend, there's a reason. Hold out for someone she approves of. You will thank her later.

12. And finally, no matter what happens in life, no matter how crappy and hard it is, mom will always be there. 

Thanks for everything that you taught me mommy! I love you! Happy Birthday!

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