Thursday, January 27, 2011

4 month appointment

Dylan had his 4 month check up on Tuesday. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Dylan is 26 inches long. He is so tall that the nurse said "Whoa!" when she measured him.

2. Dylan weighs 15 and a half pounds. This is totally average. Which is good because this child spits up constantly. It is good to know that he is able to keep some of the milk in his tummy.

3. At his doctor's office the nurse sees him first, then they send in a resident, then the doctor comes in. The resident was a 25 year old male with no kids.

4. The resident was clueless. He was asking questions to make sure that Dylan was getting enough to eat. Here's was our conversation:

Resident- Do you breastfeed?

Me- yes, exclusively.

Resident- how many ounces does he get at each feeding?

Me- I don't know. He is exclusively breastfed.

Resident- You don't know how many ounces he gets?

Me- Umm, no. But he empties my breast, has several dirty diapers a day and is gaining weight just fine.

Resident- So what you are saying is that you aren't sure how many ounces he gets in a day?

Me- This guy has a medical degree? Umm, yes, that is what I am saying.

5. The resident then points to the cradle cap (dry, peeling skin on a child's head that is normal in newborns) on Dylan's head and says in a worried voice, "What's this?" First of all, shouldn't you know? You are the one with the medical degree! I say back to him, "Umm, that's cradle cap." I said it kind of bitchy, well really bitchy actually. He then replied, "No, not that, this." And he points to the huge scratch that my ring gave Dylan moments earlier. Oh, yeah, that. Oops.

6. He then asks me the same questions that the nurse did about 10 minutes before: Do you have city water or well water? Are you on WIC? Does he sleep on his back? Do you watch him in the bathtub? Is your water temp set at 120 degrees or lower? Seriously. They ask these questions every time I am in there. It is annoying.

7. Then the doctor walks in. She is very pleasant and great with babies and Dylan loves her. I actually think that he has a crush on her, because he was fussy before she walked in, then when she opened the door he started laughing and smiling.

8. The doctor asks me if Dylan is exclusively breastfed, to which I think didn't we just go over this? I say yes and she says that he is gaining weight just fine and it looks like he is getting plenty to eat and that my milk must agree with him because he is super healthy. 

9. I then shoot the resident a look that says: "HA! Take notes buddy. That's how you measure if the amount of breast milk a baby gets is enough!"

10. The nurse, and a nurse in training come in to give Dylan his shots. It is a teaching hospital and they have lots of people learning. I am convinced that the nurses and doctors make the trainees come to our room and deal with me. It is good practice to deal with an over protective, bitchy, know it all mom. 

11.We are following a modified shot schedule to reduce the amount of needles at each visit. So today he just gets one shot and one vaccine by mouth. It tastes like berries. How do I know this? Because Dylan turned his head while I was gently holding him still and smeared it in my mouth. The good news is that I am know protected against Rotavirus.

12. My son is perfectly healthy.

13. I am so blessed.

14. On the way out of the office, Dylan let one rip and the office staff thought it was me. I smiled and walked as quickly as I could out of the office.

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  1. Happy boy. Healthy boy!!! Residents are very stupid apparently. Oh my. Glad the doctor had a clue. :)
    Glad to hear he is doing great!!