Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day

Mother's Day. Something that in the past I have only been a spectator in.

Today, however, I got to be a player.

I woke up twice with Dylan last night (which was a relief after getting up at least 4 times since he has been sick). Each time I held him and nursed him and looked at his perfect little face. It has been 7 and a half months, and I still can't believe that he is mine.

This time last year I was mourning the death of my first born, but rejoicing about being pregnant again.

I was a nervous wreck wondering if this baby would be sick, too, or if he would be healthy and happy.

This time last year I was able to sleep through the night, with the exception of waking up every hour to pee (gotta love being pregnant!)

This time last year I was holding back tears all day. All I wanted to do was hold my baby in my arms.

Today, I was holding back tears as well, but this time it was because I stood in front of friends and family and dedicated my son.

This time last year all I wanted was to have this new little person in my arms to hold.

Today I got my wish.

My little man is healthy, and happy. He is perfect and he is a blessing.

Today, Pastor Scott said that God gives and he takes away. I am so thankful that God chose to give me two wonderful boys. Even if he did take one away, he also gave me one as well. And that is the most amazing mother's day gift ever.

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  1. What a blessing and gift you received on your first Mother's Day. Dylan is God's love to you and Jeff. Cherish it and He will always love you.