Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The joys of boys

How you know that you are a mother of a boy.

1. You turn your head for one minute and he is eating dirt. Or mulch. Or gravel.Or rocks.

2. He has bruises, scrapes, and cuts that you don't remember him getting.

3. He comes home dirty no matter what he has been doing. You could have spent the day at a soap factory, and yet your son still comes home covered in dirt and grime.

4. His nails are never clean. Never.

5. He wipes his snot on everything. But mostly on your clean pants.

6. He eats his snot. Gross, I know.

7. He destroys everything. Everything. Furniture, toys, your phone, the list goes on and on.

8. He manages to find the one mud puddle in the field of grass. And runs directly for it.

9. He farts in his sleep.

10. He loves his mama more than anyone.
My son eating a rock, yes, a rock. See #1 above

1 comment:

  1. Oh my...this is SOOOOOOOO True. I am still having a hard time with the eating dirt, mulch, etc. Going outside (his favorite place) is tricky. :)