Thursday, March 18, 2010


I looked up online for synonyms for the word "die" here's what it said...

die - decease, perish, go, exit, pass away, expire, pass, kick the bucket, cash in one's chips, buy the farm, conk, give-up the ghost, drop dead, pop off, choke, croak, snuff it

We need to figure out better phrasing for saying that someone died. Because let's be honest, the ones we have aren't working.

Why do we use the phrase passed? When I tell people that Brendan passed, it feels like I am telling them that he did well on a test or like I am telling people that he got his driver's license. He was 3 months old, he couldn't even walk, let alone pass a test.

Then there is the phrase expire. Seriously, is my son a carton of milk? Moving on.

Some people say that they lost someone. I didn't lose him. It's not like we went to the mall and he ran away from me. And if someone is lost, the assumption is that they can be found again. Brendan is not lost.

Kick the bucket? Really? That's just wrong.

Exit? He's not Elvis! He hasn't left the building. 

What I really want to say to people is that my son was taken from me too soon. He died too early and should have stayed around longer to experience life. I want to pull out pictures and show everyone what he looked like. I want to tell everyone about his life. I want to talk about how because of 3 months, my life will never be the same. I want everyone to know that you can't take anything for granted. Love the people in your life. Get rid of the people that are hurtful, and that don't love you for who you are. Enjoy every moment. You never know when things could change forever.

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  1. LOVE it!! Well put.... call me anytime I'd love to hear about memories/his life and of course pictures too:).