Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My favorite moments with Brendan

1. Driving to Tustin in the middle of a tornado warning. I was supposed to meet a friend at Target. I didn't know if I should go home or keep driving. Brendan and I got to Target in one piece. He of course was oblivious. He fell asleep in the car and had no idea that anything was going on. My friend Stacey and her twins met us. It was her first time meeting Brendan. Her little ones were crying and Brendan just sat in my arms nice and happy. That was Brendan. He was always happy. 

2. Our first outing with Brendan. It was Saturday morning. Jeff and I brought Brendan home Friday. It was such a long day; getting used to the equipment, feeding him, getting him settled into his new routine, getting used to the idea that we were parents and we had to take care of a sick baby. We were exhausted. Friday night we each got like 20 minutes of sleep. We had very little food in the house. I think that we had cheese and pickles. So Saturday evening we decided, after eating all the cheese and pickles we could handle, that we needed food. We walked to Carl's Jr. We put Brendan in the stroller and headed on over. It was great. For a few minutes, we were a normal family. We had a guy at Carl's take a picture. We couldn't get Brendan in the picture. He was sleeping in the stroller and no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't do it. So this is the picture:

3. The day we had Brendan baptized. Our friend and pastor Justin did it for us. He is the one that married Jeff and me. So we thought that it was only appropriate for him to baptize our first born. We didn't want people there, we just wanted it to be us and Justin. We did it at the pool in our apartment complex. It was the closest place that we knew of that had water. It was a beautiful day in January. We prayed together and then Justin held Brendan and poured the water over his head and baptized him. It was wonderful.

There are many moments that I loved with Brendan, but writing about them is making me sad. So I am going to stop here. I will write more soon.

Thanks for listening and for letting me keep Brendan's memory alive through my blog.

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