Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I dodged a bullet

Tonight I was listening to KLOVE radio on the way home from church. A man called up to ask for prayer. He said that his wife was pregnant and they lost the baby at 34 weeks. His wife developed HELLP syndrome and in addition to losing their baby, his wife is in critical condition.

I had HELLP syndrome with Dylan. I knew that it could be serious, but I didn't realize it could be life threatening. 

After I heard this husband on the radio talk about his situation, they played a song that says "Forever you are faithful, forever you are strong, forever you are with us, Forever." 

God is always with us. He may not give us the outcome we want. We may lose a loved one. 

He may put his healing hand over us and give us a healthy baby and keep us safe despite the doctors thinking otherwise.

But no matter what, God is with us.

I know that there are some of you that are going through the loss of a loved one. I have friends that have husbands overseas. I have a dear friend who's husband is going to be going overseas soon. Some of you are dealing with sickness. We all have something. But God is always there. Even when it seems hopeless. 

When Brendan was on this earth and sick and having surgery upon surgery, there were days that things seemed hopeless. But then God would give me a simple reminder of his faithfulness. No matter what, it is all apart of his plan. 

Call upon the Lord and he will give you peace.

The man on the radio is named Tim and his wife's name is Nancy. Please pray for them today.

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