Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I hate

1. Women who take a gorgeous "after giving birth" picture. Here is mine:

Not cute. Not even close.

2. I hate women who criticize your parenting approach that don't have kids. You don't even know. I used to think that moms that let their kids yell in a restaurant are bad moms. Then I became a mom. Nothing you do will make them quiet. And in the process of taking them out of the high chair to calm them down, there are moms giving you the "I feel your pain look", and non- moms giving you the "shut your kid up" look. If you aren't a mom, don't give judge me.

3. I hate it when people feel like they have to put you down to make themselves look better. Listen, I am not hurt by your words, I am sad for you. What sad pathetic little life must you lead in order to make me feel bad about myself? I know my personal failures, and having you point those out to me only makes you look like a tool.

4. I hate it when people judge me for breastfeeding. These boobies were made for this purpose. They were not made for my husband to use as fun bags, although that is a perk. If you did the research about breastfeeding and it's benefits, you would keep quiet.

5. I hate it when people judge moms that use formula. Some moms have no choice. Some moms have a choice and choose it because of one reason or another. But unless you are in their shoes, zip it.

6. I hate it when not so skinny ladies wear tube tops. I do not need to see your chub, I have my own, thank you.

7. When someone sees that your hands are full, you have a baby on one arm, groceries in the other, and with the magic that only happens when you are a mommy, you are pushing a stroller with the third hand, and they let the door slam in your face. Listen, I promise that nothing bad will happen if you hold the door. You will not die, you will still make it home in time for dinner, and I promise that if you do in fact hold the door, you will not get a nasty look from me. It is Tennessee, a southern state, a state that is know for polite people. Please don't make me regret moving here. Hold the darn door.

8. Skinny girls. Period.

9. Ironing. I hate it. I have put off ironing Jeff's work clothes for 2 weeks. I would rather fold an entire basket of clothes than iron one shirt.

There are more things I hate, but right now I have 4 pants and 6 shirts to iron. Crap.


  1. Grrr you know what else I hate... when I type an entire comment and it doesn't post and I have to write it again!

    I love you Carrie and I will not judge your parenting choices. I might laugh at you or with you at times but never judge!

    Can I add one to your list? I hate when parents tell me I shouldn't be teaching young children until I've had my own... oh Yes I have been told this, I get the "how do you know what a child needs you don't have kids..." Wow really!

    I love you Carrie!

  2. Oh man, I will just say Amen to all of those (even though I am not a mommy yet).

  3. Thank you for number 5!!! You wouldn't believe the slack I got for not even TRYING with Katie! Michael was a different story so they give me the oh well you gave it the old college try. Bite me! lol
    As for number 7 I'm a slacker. I wait and throw them back in the dryer with a wet wash cloth. Still waiting to buy one of those steam pressers that you hang the shirt and steam it! :)
    And last but not least AMEN to number one! You look like a prom queen compared to mine with Katie! Sadly I don't have one with Michael.

  4. Oh and just wait at till they through tantrums or act out in any way when they get older. THEN you get a new set of looks when eating out.

  5. Love this list. Amen to all of these. And, #2 irritates the CRAP out of me. I just want to kick those people in the face. Currently I cant lift my foot that high, so oh well.