Friday, January 13, 2012

Forget everything you thought you knew about Carrie

1. I run. I didn't used to. I actually fainted in Jr. High. I used to only run if I was being chased. And let's be honest, I wasn't getting chased that often (these love handles, stretch marks and all the other visual gifts given to me by my 2 boys prevent the men from doing much chasing anymore). You can read all about my first run here.

2. I like to clean. I know I know! My reputation is at stake by admitting such truths, but I cannot hold it in anymore. I like to clean.

I got a new vacuum and it sucks. I mean seriously, it is awesome. The first time that I used it I was disgusted by what was in the canister. I vacuumed with the old vacuum only 4 days prior and thought that the house was relatively clean. Until I saw what was sucked up by this awesome, sucky vacuum. I was appalled. My house was filthy. 

Now however, the vacuum works so well, that the carpet looks awesome. This is a problem. Why? Because now, when something gets on the carpet like crumbs, dirt, or the dreaded black sock fuzz from Jeff's terrible socks, it is more noticeable. So now I have to vacuum more. I have become obsessed with keeping the carpets and floors looking perfect. It makes my day to see the lines in the carpet from the vacuum. I am a loser. A loser who likes to clean. Just call me Monica.

3. I only eat 3 to 4 Double Stuf Oreos in a sitting. I used to be able to eat 10, and when I say 10 I mean 20, and when I say 20 I mean the entire bag and Jeff would get mad because I left him no oreos, the only cookie in the house that he can eat that doesn't have eggs, and he would look at me with disgust, and a little bit of horror, but mostly awe because he has never seen anyone eat that many oreos in one sitting without being paid or without being at a county fair. Speaking of county fairs, did you know that they have deep fried oreos there? Oh my gosh, so good. 

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, I only eat 3 or 4 in one sitting now. Because running with a stomach full of oreos makes me want to throw up, and throwing up doesn't make me look good while I run. And let's be honest, I need all the help I can get, because not only do I look like I am about to pass out while I am running, I also jiggle a lot from all the excess, ahem, skin. Again I blame the boys.

So those are some things that I never thought would become me. I have changed. I am grown up. Sorta. I still like The Little Mermaid and I collect magic wands. Because some things never change. 

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  1. Oh Carrie! I love you so much you make me laugh! You inspire me and I always get a kick out of what you have to share with the world!