Wednesday, October 20, 2010

He may look like Jeff.....

I know that everyone says that Dylan looks like Jeff. And I think that he does. But there are a couple things that remind me of myself when I look at Dylan:

He loves to sleep.

He has big eyes.

He likes to eat...

Let me explain:

I am all about demand feeding, because I think that my child knows best when he is hungry.

Today Dylan has been really fussy and has wanted to eat every hour. Sometimes he eats a full meal, and sometimes he will nurse just to be comforted.

I never worry that he is getting too much food, because when he is full, he won't eat. Or so I thought....

Two minutes ago, I was sitting on the couch, feeding my sweet baby, and when he was done, I lifted him upright and rubbed his back..... what came next  makes me think that he is more like his mother than previously thought.

Projectile vomit.

All over me, the couch, the boppy and himself.

Homeboy likes to eat. Like I said, he may look like his dad, but he has an appetite like his mom.

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