Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why I am sad that I am no longer pregnant

1. I miss not seeing my feet. You see, when I couldn't see my feet, I didn't know that I desperately needed a pedicure and therefore went about my day in a sort of blissful ignorance. Now that I can see my feet, I am painfully aware that not only do I need a pedicure, but I no longer have the time to get one. Win- Win

2. I miss eating whatever I want. Don't misunderstand. I still eat what I want, but I miss people starring at me and then smiling and giving me the "Oh how cute she is eating for 2. Isn't pregnancy beautiful?" look. Now they just stare and give me the "What a cow!" look.

3. I miss sleep. Not that I could get much with a baby squishing every organ in my body. But at least I could be lazy and take a nap whenever I wanted.

4. I miss maternity clothes. Whoever invented the elastic waistband is a genius. Right now I do not fit in my maternity clothes, and my regular clothes are too small. So I either walk around with jeans that sag down to my crotch, or I walk around with a muffin top. Neither is very attractive.

However, not being pregnant has it's benefits as well....

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