Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My three favorite boys

Jeff's mom pointed out that I have the same photo of Jeff with Brendan and Dylan. Jeff is even wearing the same color in both.

The first one was taken the day that Brendan came home from the hospital. Jeff and I were so tired, and so stressed out. We had no idea what to do with a new baby, let alone a new baby that came with attachments (g-tube, oxygen, suction). We got home and I remember that Brendan was a little fussy and Jeff just laid next to him on the floor and calmed him down, in about 15 seconds flat.

The second one was taken a couple days after we brought Dylan home. Dylan was fussy, and I was tired, so Jeff took over. Amazingly, Jeff had Dylan quiet in about 15 seconds. I think that he is a natural at the daddy thing. 

These photos make me smile.

My husband is an amazing father.

He showed it when we had to make decisions about Brendan and his care.

He showed it when we learned that Brendan's life was going to be cut short.

He showed it when Brendan died.

He showed it when we learned that we were pregnant, again....(did you know that we found out that we were expecting the day that we picked up Brendan's ashes?)

He showed it during the whole pregnancy, taking care of me and providing for me and my growing belly.

He showed it when I freaked out about every little thing when I had Dylan in my tummy.

He showed it the day that Dylan was born.

He showed it when I freaked out that Dylan was going to be born early, and when we learned that Dylan might have to go to the NICU.

He showed it when we got home with our healthy little man.

He showed it by letting Dylan sleep in the room with us.

He showed it by not getting sleep every night, just so we can sleep in the same bed, and so I can be near Dylan.

He shows it every day by being the best dad he can be.

He shows it in these pictures.

And that is why I love these pictures.

That is why I love my husband.

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  1. I haven't ever met him but your husband seems like such a great guy and father. What sweet pictures :)