Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Scale of Disgustingness

This is the scale of disgusting things that I have experienced in my one year of motherhood. The list goes from bad to worse, enjoy:

1.  Spit up

2. Getting spit up on

3. Pee

4. Getting peed on

5. Throw up

6. Getting thrown up on

7. Poop

8. Getting pooped on

9. Diarrhea

10. I think you can guess. And yes, I have been pooped on by both Brendan and Dylan. 

Brendan pooped on me while he was at home with us. I took off his diaper and didn't have the clean one ready. This little man who was on painkillers, anti-seizure medicine, and was generally weak, projectile pooped all over me, the couch and my pants. The first thought I had was not, "Oh No! The couch" or "Poor Brendan, is he sick?". It was, "Thank you Lord that I am wearing Jeff's pants."

To my friends that are pregnant, or have just had their babies, congrats, I wish you many smiles, and few of the things listed above. :)

My poopy little angel :)


  1. #11. Having the little angel spit up into your open mouth.

    #12. For some odd reason feeling the need to catch the projectile diarrhea as if it was some kind of ball. (This one has the gross factor and adds the disappointment one feels when they fail to make the catch.)

    I'd like to thank Scott for taking care of these experiences for me.. multiple times.. with both boys. You'd think he'd learn.

  2. Good call Sarah. I forgot about those 2. Ewww. I have tried to catch the poop. Not a good idea. :)