Monday, April 12, 2010

Congrats Brendan!

Dear Brendan,
Well, a lot has changed since you went to heaven.  First of all, congrats, you are a cousin! Little Olivia Elizabeth was born on March 31st. She is adorable and, surprise surprise, she looks like mommy’s side of the family. Auntie Liz and baby Livy (that’s mommy’s nickname for her) are doing great.

The second thing is that you are going to be a big brother. That’s right! Mommy and daddy are pregnant! Remember how you grew in mommy’s tummy for 9 months? Well, there is another little angel growing in mommy’s tummy. We don’t know yet if you are going to have a brother or sister, but we will find out in about 7 weeks. Mommy is 3 months pregnant (about 13 weeks).
Congratulations Big Brother! We love you.


  1. Oh Carrie!!! I just read this to Chris and we are SO THRILLED for you guys. We will be praying for that precious little baby inside:) Yipee!!!!!!! Congratulations Brendan:):):) big brother status... Oh my gosh; seriously so exciting!!

  2. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! So exciting!!! I'd totally be jumping up and down for joy right now, but I just got back from the gym. Looks like we'll have to alter our Morongo plans a wee bit! OMG, wow...just wow!

  3. Oh wow! Matt and I are soooo excited for you guys! What a wonderful blessing! We love you so much and will be praying and celebrating with you!

    Kristen B

  4. Oh I just saw this! Congratulations!!! This is amazing! I love you both and you will be in my prayers a million times a day!