Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Brendan - Life

Dear Brendan,

Life isn't about the things you accomplish, or what you do. It's about the people you touch along the way.

You may have only been on earth for 97 days, but you touched so many people. Just through facebook alone you touched people. Most of them have never met you! Do you realize that you have 92 fans on your website? That's incredible! (I personally think it would be awesome if we reached 97... sort of a goal of mine).

You may have been 3 months old, but you were always such a fighter. You fought day after day to stay alive. I think it was because you wanted to come home. You knew that daddy and I wanted to spend some time being a normal family. I loved the time that you and I spent together. I love the times that you, me and daddy spent together at Carl's Jr, walking around the neighborhood, all the little things that most people don't think twice about, but you fought to experience.

Some people may think that you were too young to know anything, but I believe that you knew that we loved you. You knew that there were so many people that cared about you. You knew that we wanted you home, and I know that you wanted to be there as well. You fought for 97 days. I believe that you never gave up. I know that you fulfilled your purpose here on earth. You made me and daddy parents. We love being your parents. I say this in the present tense because I don't think that I will ever stop being your mom. 

When you took your last breath, I knew you weren't giving up, you were  fighting to fulfill your purpose. So far, I know that your purpose was to bring me and daddy closer together. It was to bring people in my life that can minister to me, and vise versa. There are so many other things that your life will do here on earth, we just don't know the full extent of them. I am thankful for that. I want to keep learning new things about why you were chosen to live only 97 days. It makes the whole journey exciting. I know that God has a purpose and finding out the specifics is part of the fun. It also means that you will always be close to my heart. Not that I could ever forget about you, but knowing that God will reveal more to me about your life keeps you alive in my heart.

I love you Brendan. Thanks for making me a mommy.

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  1. As always, thanks for sharing a little bit more about your journey! No matter what stage of life your 'readers/fans' are in, we all learn something of value each time you write another entry! S:)