Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alarming evening

So, Jeff and I are settled. Well, I use that term loosely. Settled would imply that things around the house are in order, and I can guarantee you that they are not in any order. There are boxes everywhere, and I guess the good thing is that most of them are in the right area of the house. I did find a garage box upstairs in the farthest corner bedroom- and it was the only thing in that room. Random.

Anyways, Jeff arrived safely, as did our stuff. Although some things were not without damage. This would be a big deal for most people, but if you are like Jeff and I, most things you own are hand me downs, or Wal-Mart and Target purchases. We also get to file a claim with the moving company and have them replace the things that are broken. Wal-Mart here I come!

Well, tonight Jeff and I had an interesting evening. We have an alarm system in the house, but it is not set up. The display is on and it serves as a good night light to prevent me from running into the wall on the way to the restroom. (Stay tuned for more on the various bruises I have on my body caused by late night bathroom trips.)

Anyways, the wall unit was beeping obnoxiously this morning at 6 am letting us know that the battery was low. Like I care, I don't even want the alarm system. So I hit cancel and went back to bed. This only works for a few hours, then it beeps again, and again, and again, you get the idea.

So Jeff and I went out to get batteries today. We came home to replace the batteries in the wall unit and for the life of us, couldn't get the cover off.

During this process, my husband was pressing random buttons to try and....well I am not sure why, but in the process, he hit the ON button. This turned the unit on. No a problem, until your husband tries to go outside to the garage.

OH DEAR LORD, this is the loudest alarm I have ever heard.

Jeff looked and the wall unit and it read "Please enter code". Yeah, we have no code. We bought the house from the bank. They don't care about the code. Jeff called Brinks and they said that they have no record of this address being registered with them.

Well that's great, thanks for your help.

Jeff decided to take matters into his own hands and went to the closet where the alarm box was to try to disconnect the power to the unit. After what seemed like an hour, it was disconnected... and quiet.

In the meantime I was standing outside trying to get the code from our realtor over the phone and although I was standing in the street, he could still hear the alarm over the phone.

By the way, he doesn't know the code either.

So that was our night. Rest assured that there is never a dull moment at the Plemons household. Or a quiet one.

On an unrelated note: How is an alarm system effective if you can disconnect it? Just saying.

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