Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pregnancy Yoga

Seriously? Pregnancy Yoga? I am all for exercise, especially during pregnancy, but Facebook was just advertising this wonderful yoga for those of us with child.

You should have seen this picture. It was women laying flat on their backs, which you aren't supposed to do, but aside from that, when I lay flat on my back, my big belly crushes my diaphragm and makes it so I can't breathe. Isn't breathing a big part of yoga?

Then there is the whole, once you are on the floor, you need your husband, a 6 ton hoist, and about 20 minutes to get back up issue. Even my skinny pregnant friends have trouble.

Facebook, let be realistic. While exercise is great during pregnancy, let's stick to the sitting in a chair, standing, or leaning types of yoga. None of this floor stuff. 

Just to put things in perspective. This is me when I was pregnant with Brendan. It was taken about 2 weeks before he was born. Can you imagine me on the floor doing yoga? Yeah, I think not.

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