Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear Grey's Anatomy:

Dear Grey's Anatomy:

There are some flaws in your show. Please allow me to explain:

1. First of all, if I ever have to get rushed to the hospital and the doctor takes forever to come to my room, I am going to worry that he was just in the on call room making out with a nurse.

2. If I ever work in a hospital, I am going to be paranoid that something serious will happen to me. It seems like bombs explode, shooters go on rampages and doctors get sick every week. Note to self, never work in a hospital.

3. The next time I go to the hospital I am going to be seriously disappointed. I guarantee that my doctor will not be as hot as Mc Dreamy, Mc Steamy, or any of the other doctors. With my luck, he will be old, wrinkly and fat.

4. I will always take the stairs at the hospital. This isn't because I want to be healthy. This is because, according to your show, doctors will be doing it in the elevator. This is because I can't go in the elevator without thinking about all the nasty germs that are coating the walls and buttons. So congrats Grey's Anatomy, you just made me healthier.

5. Every doctor and nurse is dating, sleeping with, or married to another doctor or nurse. This probably goes back to #3. In the real world, most people try to keep their work life separate from their home lives.

6. And finally, after seeing last week's show, the next time I go to the hospital, I expect the doctors to sing. Not just hum to them selves, but I expect them to serenade me with Snow Patrol songs.

So Grey's Anatomy, you may have ruined elevators for me, but I can't keep from watching you every week. So, keep the doctors cute and keep the drama coming.

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