Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A list for Monday

1. I asked Dylan's pediatrician last week at his appointment what kinds of birth control I could take while breastfeeding and she told me that I can take any kind even if it has estrogen in it, Dylan will just develop boobies. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

2. I am the only person in our household with boobies.

3. I will remain the only person in our household with boobies for a while.

4. I went to my doctor today to talk about birth control options. He is gorgeous. I have dubbed him Mc Cutie. Seriously. It is awful that I have to talk about girlie things like sex, periods, and well, girlie things.

5. At my appointment I mentioned that I have been having headaches for about a week now. Mc Cutie looked in my ears to make sure I didn't have an ear infection. Right ear: looking good, left ear: and I quote "Well, you have too much ear wax built up for me to see much of anything." Well, while we are on the subject let's discuss bowel movements, urination and embarrassing odor, shall we? I died. Then I decided to try and save my dignity with this winning comment, "Well, I was always told not to put anything in my ear bigger than my elbow." Yes, I actually used that phrase. The best part, Mc Cutie told me I was right. Good thing that Mc Cutie is also Mc Polite. 

6. My son can drive. He is very advanced for his age.

7. My son is also a ladies man. This is him with McKenna, Abigail and Faith.

8. I am tired, so I am going to go to bed. Good night world.


  1. That last picture is adorable! I don't think I could handle a cute Doctor. Although the one I had in Germany was very handsome but he was a lot older...lol

  2. Lol while I don't doubt he is a ladies man, might I point out that 67% of his women are crying and Dylan has this look like "Mom, I swear I didn't do anything..." either that or "Really?! Dad, if this is what it's like then why did you get married?"

    Of course as cute as he is, he's gonna have the ladies surrounding him!

  3. Wow, he IS a ladies man. Too sweet!
    Haha for the doctor stuff.
    Dylan shouldn't have a chest...boobies wouldn't suit him. :)