Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I wear Dylan

1. Because the calories from oreos don't burn themselves off. My child weighs about 20 pounds. That is one (very cute) 20 pound weight. And that is a lot of calories burned.

2. Because it helps with milk production. Did you know that having your baby close to you makes your breastmilk production increase? Not that I need help. I am a cow. Literally, a cow. Below is a picture of how much I pumped with Brendan in one sitting.

3. Because I get back rubs. After having Dylan in the sling for 2 hours, my back is a little sore, but not really. But I say that it is and I get Jeff to rub my back for me. Jeff gives awesome back rubs.

4. Because the top of Dylan's head smells amazing. And when he is that close to me, I get to smell it, kiss it, and feel his bald little head as much as I want.

5. Because I get attention. Whenever he is in the sling, people look at him and want to see him and think that it is so cute that I am wearing him. Not many moms around here wear their babies (and I understand, it was 80 degrees outside today and after about an hour, Dylan and I were both sweating!)

6. Because when Dylan is in the sling, it is the only time that he will let his hands be tied down. Any other time, if you hold his hands down, he will scream, fuss and usually kick you in the face. But in the sling, his hands are at his side and he loves it.

7. Because mommies were made to be snuggled. Seriously, I have squishy hips, middle and chest like I never had before I had kids. This leads me to believe that babies want to snuggle. And what better place to snuggle than on my squishiest part... well, second squishiest....wait no, third squishiest... Whatever, he can snuggle on my chest. He has two very comfortable pillows right there!

8. Because there is nothing that I love more than having Dylan fall asleep on me. And what makes a baby fall asleep faster than mom, movement, and 2 comfy pillows?

9. Did I already mention losing weight? Because I also like Dr. Pepper. And there is a lot of sugar in Dr. Pepper. Can you imagine what I would look like if I didn't walk around carrying my son like a kangaroo? The oreos and Dr. Pepper would catch up with me for sure.

So here is to all the oreos you can eat, all the Dr. Pepper you can drink, all the snuggles, squishy parts, and cute glances.

Dylan, you are the cutest weight loss plan mommy will ever follow.

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  1. That is a lot of milk! I get super excited if I can pump 4oz at one time.

    I wear Joshua sometimes, probably more as I am about to ditch the infant seat.