Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's not easy being green

1. I started feeling sick this morning. I thought I was pregnant. I took a test. I am not pregnant.

2. Jeff started feeing sick this morning. He didn't think he was pregnant.

3. Dylan started feeling sick last night. He was up a lot last night. He is also not pregnant.

4. I got home from hanging out with a friend today and felt like a got hit by a truck. I tried to take a nap with Dylan. He wasn't having it. So I laid there and listened to him fuss next to me in bed and held him.

5. I finally decided to nurse Dylan and see if he would fall asleep so I could rest. He was able to rest and fell asleep in my arms. 

6. The problem? I was unable to move due to feeling incredibly sick. I was going to throw up. The thing is I would rather lay down and not move for 10 hours, than throw up. So in the rocking chair I stayed, with Dylan passed out in my arms.

7. Then it hit me. I reached over towards the trash can and threw up. I didn't even have time to put Dylan down. I literally leaned over him and threw up in the trash can.

8. This woke up little man. And the sound of my gut retching scared him half to death and he started to cry.

9. Meanwhile, everything that I have eaten in the last 7 years is coming up and I can do nothing but hold Dylan and hope that I don't throw up on him.

10. Dylan is currently asleep in our bed.

11. Jeff is laying on the couch moaning in pain.

12. I am sitting on the couch, sipping Sprite (it has never tasted SO good) and writing about my day. Reliving it actually makes me feel sick again.

13. So I am going to go. Perhaps to drink more Sprite, perhaps to eat some soup. But either way I am going to go.

Good night. And my apologies to those of you with a weak stomach. Perhaps I should have warned you at the beginning. But then, you all know me, and you know that I over share. You should have seen it coming.


  1. You make me laugh! I love it, since I"m not there to hang out with you daily I love that I can read your posts!

  2. Crackers, and Sprite, or 7 UP.

    And a small apple.