Friday, April 8, 2011

A list for Friday

1. Tomorrow Jeff, Dylan and I are going to Dollywood.

2. Growing up I thought that Dollywood was a theme park dedicated to Dolly Parton. I thought that there were literally walls and walls of Dolly paraphernalia every where.

3. Dollywood is actually kinda cool. There are rides. Fast rides. Wooden rides. Upside down rides. Carrie likey.

4. My mom gave me a laptop. It is her old laptop. It. Is. Awesome. Jeff is currently wiping out the hard drive and reinstalling Windows.

5. I plan to write a book. #4 will help me reach that goal. And will help me down the spiral from addicted to facebook to completely and utterly useless.

6. I am going to be one of those people that you see at coffee shops crouched over their laptops with glasses on, a latte, and a look of severe concentration.

7. The one problem with #6 is that I have a baby. I don't have time to sit at a coffee shop. I also don't wear glasses. I prefer mochas and frappuchinos to lattes and I can't concentrate on anything for more than 15 seconds. That was more than one problem wasn't it?

8. And now, a retrospective:

9/23/2010- Birthday!

One month old. Thanks Bill Roop for taking such awesome pictures!

Two months old. Thanksgiving day.

Three months old. Oh dear where does the time go?

Four months and the start of the extreme drooling stage.

Five months and cuter than ever!

At his 6 month check up. Healthy, happy and bigger than ever!

9. My baby is almost 7 months old. I repeat. My baby is almost 7 months old. Someone hand me a tissue.

10. Now that I have a laptop I can blog more. Way more. Watch out world. And read at your own risk. 

11. My mom and mother in law will hate #10. They both think that I over share.

12. I do over share. I have nothing to hide. I am an open book. Ask me anything. Chances are you will get way more info than you ever wanted to know.


  1. #10-12...Carrie I think we are kindred spirits. It drives my hubby crazy. He's always telling me we love our baby that doesn't mean everybody else does. Don't become one of those people who talk about nothing but your baby.

    I don't see why not...she is perfectly adorable and I love looking at and reading about everyone else's babies. There has to be an audience out there like me. I'm just not for people like him. Oh and he would love if I talked about my boobs less...what? There bigger than ever and do cool things!