Sunday, April 10, 2011

I did it

I gave in. I can't believe that I did.

I know that Jeff wants 2 more babies. This waistline isn't getting smaller any time soon.

I have thought about it for almost 6 months now. I have tried making it work. I have tried every possible option. Except one.

This one option is like giving up. It means that I acknowledge that I am not a size 6 any more. Ahem, yeah okay you caught me. I haven't been a size 6 since 7th grade. But moving on.

It means that I realize that these stretch marks, the wrinkly skin, the swollen ankles, and chubby fingers are here to stay. 

Personally, I blame Dylan, and Brendan, and fried chicken. I blame Nabisco for making double stuf oreos. I blame the sweltering hot summers. I blame Tennessee.

But none of it is my fault. I cannot take responsibility for this. I had no choice.

It's for the best, though, because after 6 months of cramming it on my chubby little finger, there is a bruise, and raw skin at the knuckle. It hurts to bend my finger. And there is one spot that no longer has feeling. Permanently. 

For the sake of my finger. I gave in.

I gave in, and I had my ring sized. 

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